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A Meeting of Great Minds

My son, Bryent, and I spent time with Eron “Spinsane” Fayson in Columbia, SC where Eron and Bryent live. After a nice lunch and much talk, all three of us went to Eron’s house to see the progress he’s made for his 2012 routine. Eron, who is very interested in Composition Analysis, has done a great job on routine construction and executing what he’s developed so far. I had some ideas that I threw out which worked very well and Bryent (a Driller his freshman year in high school in early 2000) even added his take on certain segments which added to the rich interaction that was going on. All three of us were able to collaborate and add some great moments to Eron’s routine. Bryent and I wish him and his family great blessings in the coming year and hope that he, above all, enjoys drilling with other world-class competitors!