DrillMaster Uniform

The DrillMaster’s uniform includes earned USAF accouterments and the Army marksmanship badge earned while at Ft. Knox, Kentucky for ROTC Basic Camp in 1983 the summer before he attended New Mexico Military Institute. The crossed rifles on the epaulets honor military Drillers and represent his drill background (both armed and unarmed), the Honor Guard badge and lapel pins honor those in ceremonial units and represents his honor guard experience and the propeller/wing pins on the lapels are in honor of his father, John T. Marshall, who served in the USAF during the Korean War. The badge above his right breast pocket is the Belgian Sniper badge presented by Belgian Army Warrant Officer (American military E-8 equivalent) Patrick Deroo. The device just below that on the pocket flap, is a Navy JROTC rank that he wears to honor his Daughter, Courtkne H. E. Taylor-Marshall and son, Bryent A. R. Taylor-Marshall, both former members of their high school’s Navy JROTC in Columbia, South Carolina. There is no rank on the uniform, except the NJROTC rank to honor his hcildren, and will never be.

The uniform itself is a firefighter’s (or law enforcement officer’s) single-breasted uniform obtained through Steve Cohen, the president of the Lighthouse Uniform Company. The buttons are generic gold-colored buttons; the hat is made for police with the “P” gold-colored buttons. The hat’s gold chin strap is also from the Lighthouse Uniform Company. It has a blood-red stripe running along the center which is in tribute to our fallen. This chin strap was made specifically to remember those first responders who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, but has been adopted by many organization honor guards to remember all of their fallen comrades. Also read the article, “Your uniform makes me Uncomfortable.”