Honor Guards

The DrillMaster provides the best and most robust training for honor guard programs around the country. Many police, fire and other civic organizations have been delighted with their investment. The DrillMaster often works with various agencies who serve as the host of one of our 1-2 week clinics where members of other agencies can attend. While line-of-duty deaths are heartbreaking, honor guards are an important part of ensuring the sacrifices of brave men and women are honored and remembered.

Areas of Training:

  • Standing manual
  • Pall bearers
  • 2-man flag fold
  • 6/8-man flag fold
  • Firing party
  • The manual of arms for the rifle, ceremonial fire axe and ceremonial pike pole
  • All color team movement
  • The manual of the flagstaff
  • Casket watch
  • And more as desired

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